Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space at Your Louisville Home

  • 08 May, 2020

As fall rolls around, here in Kentucky, we have the ideal environment for outdoor living in style. Imagine having a spacious deck entertaining area ready for the next Derby Festival. How about adding a water feature and some hardscaping to elegantly shade a west-facing patio for cooler summer evenings? Consider a sunroom that gives you more natural light in over the winter, or the magnificent curb appeal of a gracious front porch? At Louisville Handyman & Remodeling, we can turn any of these dreams into reality.

Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor fireplace on a patio in Louisville KY

Just because Louisville summers are hot and humid doesn’t mean you have to hide in the air conditioning the whole time. The right patio design, with hardscaping, cooling shade elements, landscaping and water features can cool your patio down and make it an elegant place to cook, dine, relax and entertain. Consider extending shade over the patio and adding landscape features to minimize heat and direct cooler breezes to the patio area. Light-colored stone, shiny tile, light gray or white-painted wood features can also bounce excess heat away.

Once the crisp fall days start to roll in, comfy, weather-hardy furniture and an outdoor fireplace can make your patio the place to be on any cold night. Check out these creative designs for your own outdoor fireplace

Make Your Porch More Sumptuous and Inviting

Front Porch of your louisville home

Imagine a porch so luxurious that you make time to eat breakfast out there? Imagine how your guests (or potential homebuyers) will feel when stepping onto your front porch. Creating a covered front porch, complete with a porch swing and breakfast nook surrounded by inviting landscaping will say "Welcome!" even before they even walk through the front door.

Create Serious Entertaining Space on Your Deck

Outdoor Living in Louisville KY

If you’ve got a lovely view out back, but no deck, or a too-small-for-entertaining deck, then it’s time to consider a serious deck upgrade. Expanding the deck, adding a covering, and then finishing it off with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace can go a long way to creating the outdoor entertaining space of your dreams. Make sure to add a ceiling fan to your deck covering to keep the breezes blowing on hot summer nights.

Make a Splendid Sunroom

Sunroom for your Lousiville home

Of course, we’ve talked a lot about summers on the deckporch or patio; but how can you extend your outdoor living into the wild, wacky winters we get here in Kentucky? One word: sunroom. A sunroom can fill your need for more natural light in the winter without actually going completely outside and shivering in the ice and snow and wind and whatever else is on tap next winter. With floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, a fireplace, and comfortable furniture, you can read, relax, invite guests or even, if it’s a large sunroom designed for that purpose, host quite an elegant party.

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