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Homeowner 101: Essential Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season
Owning a home is both a privilege and a responsibility. As the seasons change, so do the tasks required to keep your home in pristine condition. From minor challenges like fixing a leaky faucet to slightly more demanding tasks like checking HVAC filters, it’s essential to have a home maintenance plan in place to tackle the tasks that keep your home functioning as it should. Louisville Handyman is here with a comprehensive homeowners guide to provide a comprehensive all-season checklist, helping you ensure your home remains the cozy sanctuary you deserve.
Mythbusting Design-Build: Avoid These Common Mistakes
Louisville Handyman has been in the business long enough to encounter a myriad of misconceptions and myths associated with the design-build process. So today, we’re taking a voyage into mythbusting territory. Let's unpack some common myths and highlight the best ways to sidestep potential pitfalls on your way to the home remodel of your dreams.